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     Color, in terms of pigment, is every shade and hue found in a brand new box of crayons (and any combination you could make from them). To put it in scientific terms, however, color is simply the range of visible light that humans can see. Different colors, such as red and orange, and other invisible spectrums such as infrared light, move around in waves of electromagnetic energy. The human eye is capable of seeing only light with wavelengths between 380 and 750 nanometers. For example, the visible spectrum begins with the wavelengths that we call violet, between 380 and 450 nm, then moves on to blue, green, yellow, and orange, and ends with what we call red, between 590 and 750 nm. When you look at someone’s red shirt, for instance, that shirt will be absorbing or scattering wavelengths of light lower than 590 nm, so those waves will not reach your eyes. But a red shirt will be reflecting some wavelength between 590 and 750 nm, which your eyes process as red.

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Spectral sensitivity corresponding to the human eye (color-matching functions of the 1931 Standard Observer).

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Spectrophotometry and Colorimetry

프리즘에 의한 빛의 분산

Grating에 의한 빛의 분산

     A tristimulus colorimeter on the other hand, tries to simulate the human eye. It uses three filtered sensors (RGB) to approximate the light-sensitive cones of the eye, responsible for color vision. Because it only uses three filtered sensors, it acquires less information about the color than a spectrophotometer.

AMS 사의 Color Sensor AS73211와 Block Diogram

       TCS3200                tcs3472         HDJD-S822-QR999         S9706         ADJD-S311-CR999
다양한 종류의 Color Sensors


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